Saturday, March 4, 2017

Camp NaNoWriMo is Coming!

It surprised me when my friend and I were talking and she asked if I would be doing a post on my NaNo project for my blog post this week. I thought it was in two or three months and o.o turns out it's next month. Soooo, change of plans for the post.

So, I'm going to be doing a tag about my story. Now, before I get started, I'm going to say that I'm not doing a novel. I'm going to do a short story, seeing as school is going to take up too much time to plan and write out a full novel. But I luuuurve my short story!

Okay, so the questions. Let's get started on this...

1. What is the genre\setting\world like?
    Well, when I started it out, I was like, "YAS, LET'S DO A CONTEMPORARY!" And then...It's a fantassssy. A fantasy with potions, and superpowers, and kingdoms, and palaces, and manipulation and betrayalll. Okay, more detailed...It's an city that had been burned and abandoned. But after war, many were driven into hiding in said city. It's at a neutral spot, so they were all safe there. It still remains in ruin, but now they wish to build the kingdom back up and start a new city. That's where Ross comes in...
Italian ghost town Craco, Italy.  Earthquakes, landslides, and a lack of fertile farming land have contributed to its abandonment.:
(This is an idea what it looks like, but more darkened and scorched looking)

2. What is the plot about?
    So, as I said, it had superpowers. Ross Orman was ripped from his home and family and taken as a test subject by the *opposite side of the war peoples*. He acquired the power to manipulate emotions. With a snap of the finger he can send some one into paralysis by sending depression into their brain receptors, kill some on from Broken Heart Syndrome, or drive them into insanity by sending too many different emotions at once. (Okay, he doesn't kill anyone. He's not a good guy, but not a bad guy either.) 
   Then of course with every villain, there's a hero. Kaitlyn Layel. Her power is the ability to redirect and resist powers. If Ross sends a emotion to her, she can either resist it, or have it redirect and pierce him instead. 
   Whereas once they were best friends, they now are forced to rivalry. And dere mucho betrayal, hurt, and pain, and emotionsssssss. *cackles*

3. Who are the main characters?
Hugh Vidler by Darren McDonald | Helmet:

    Yaaas, there is twoish! Mostly one, but kind of two...*coughs*  Firstly, we have Ross. As I said up there, he has the ability to manipulate emotions. He more enjoys having freedom, then being bad. More then anything though, he wants revenge on the people that gave him the powers, cause they...totally ruined his life.

Très Bon Goût

Then there is Kaitlyn. Best friend of Ross, and ;) totally ;) not ;) the ;) love ;) interest ;). They are so precious. Also like I said, she can redirect or resist powers. She also may be secretly in love with him, and won't give up on him, and is determined to bring him back to the light side and get him to see what he's doing. She's my precious squishy. She also has fab, colour changing eyes. ^-^

4. What are you most excited about in this story?
     The characters!!!! I'm definitely a character driven person, and I literally jumped into this story with just knowing I had a character named Ross and Kaitlyn...Then came up with superpowers and kingdoms after. After planning the characters, I fell in love with them and they are now my precious squishies, and I shall treasure them forever and ever. 

5. Tell us about some of the food involved (because there has to be food)!
     #Hannah'sconfessiontime I never ever think of food in any of my stories...There will probably be potatoes and cookies...Probably not mentioned, but there will be cookies.

6. Tell us about your OTP\friendship in the story!
     Ross and Kaitlyn. Definitely. Rivals yet still besties at the same time. I find it hilarious cause like Ross is sitting there trying to use his powers against her, and she is just sitting there chill, resisting him, and all the while they are just holding up a strained, but casual conversation...xP

7. What's the theme or point to the story?
     Theme....Teaaamwooork. Betryaaaaal. Fwendshipppp. Courageeee. Honourrr. 

8. Post some pictures from your storyboard!
    Pictures! Pictures! Mucho pictures!

(Kaitlyn's eyes are golden, but sliiightly more galexy\sparkly looking. But in this manner that they are super evident.)
seattlemysterybookshop: I can practically feel a mystery story seeping from this photo. What do you suppose happened to cause the village to be abandoned and left to decay? -Seattle Mystery Bookshop

(Different clothes, but Ross, this be Ross. Especially if it was darker and still in the sunshine there)

9. Do you have a cover for your book, or a main picture? 
   Yes, yes, I does! My fab capybara friend made me a temporary cover!!

Anyways! That's the short story I'm doing for Camp NaNoWriMo! Thank you guys for reading and I hope you have a marvelous day and weekend! 

 Are you doing Camp NaNoWriMo? What's some of your thoughts for the short story? What's your word count for NaNo if you plan to do it? 


  1. Sounds fantastic, Hannah! :D Best of luck with Camp NaNoWriMo!!

    1. Ack, thank you so much, Shantelle! Do you plan on doing Camp NaNo??

    2. Not at this point ... Actually haven't been writing much lately (besides my blog). But hoping to move forward with the publishing process for Silver Rose in a couple months! *hoping desperately* :D

    3. o.o ohohohohoh Silver Rose is in the publication process? YAS OH ME GOODNESS THAT'S SO FAB!!! I hope it all goes well!!!

  2. Ahh, fabulous post, Hannah!! :D Silver and Gold sounds aMaZiNg. Kaitlyn? The love interest? Pshh, it isn't like I suspected THAT or anything... xD xD

    Yes, I'm doing Camp NaNo! Haven't made an official decision on project yet -- but I'll probably finish War Tears. :D

    1. *shriekles happily* tank oooo, and I ;) know ;) right? ;) shocking ;)

      Ohohohoh yasyasyasyas WT!!!