Saturday, February 18, 2017

Current Writing Project- Nazi Book

  So, after going on an eight hour road trip, and seeing my sister in another state, I finally sit down to write the post. And it’s late...and I have no coffee...I know, I should have done this earlier when I had more brainpower but…*coughs and guilty scoots out of camera view* ANNNNYWAYS, we didn’t come here to talk about my procrastination superpower.
 The real topic is Nazi Book. (I know, right? You just can’t beat the originality of the title! Jk it’s a work in progress. ;)) This is a book I and my friends, Rachael Steele and Sierra Blasko are writing together! Also, THIS GONNA INCLUDE SNIPPETS PEOPLES! IT WILL BE FABULOUS! PREPARE TO SWOON AND BAWL. (Okay…no. No, you’re not going to swoon or bawl, but…much swooning, and muchly tears have been shed by all three of us during the writing process of this book)

Now. What Nazi Book is about…This, of course, since I can’t ever put into words, made me seek out da fabulous Rachael and Sierra to give me something to put.

Nazi Book, according to Rachael: “Um, girl goes to spy in a German town and meets a hottie and a cutie.” (Starring: Liza Grates as, girl who goes to spy. Stefan Engel as “hottie”, and
Wilhelm Adler as “cutie”.)

Nazi Book, according to Sierra: “Two soulmates on the opposite sides of the war. Betrayal, pain, patriotism, to the point of fanaticism, and forgiveness.”

  So…A girl working with the allies group who goes to spy on a German town and befriends two HY soldiers (Or becomes friends with one, and falls in love with the other) which proves to be both a good idea, but a terribly bad one at the same time…*hacking coughs* Sorry, I’m being to very vague. (This is what happens when deprived of coffee and sleep) It’s good in the sense that seeing as they are both respectable, they help protect her from the others. Though it’s bad in the sense, she knows she’ll hurt them when they find out the truth, and Stefan is still loyal to Hitler so…

Anyways, let’s go to the characters. Hopefully this will help clear it up. Here is the three mainish characters we have, and who writes who.

  Rachael- Rachael writes are mainish girl, Liza Grates. Liza is the Ally spy, and she’s a little sweet heart. She’s stubborn, and brave. I am drawing a blank on how exactly to explain her…She’s secretive... fearful yet incredibly strong. She’s a dear, though has the ability to tear your heart to pieces without a second thought...All in all, she’s a very complex charrie. *squishes her*

  Sierra- Sierra writes everyone’s little adorable angel, Stefan. He is seriously impossible not to love. Trust me, I tried to hate him. It didn’t work. He’s my precious. Yes, I have claimed him as my own. *coughs* Okay, Stefan’s a dedicated HY soldier who just so happens to fall for Liza…who is half Jew so…*pets his head* The little dear. His heart all befuddled.
I didn’t put a snippet of Liza, cause I’m giving you a bit of a Steza Scene. This is Stefan and Liza’s first meeting. *casually slide over a snippet* *whispers* Also, two of Steza’s songs is Sad Song by We The Kings, and A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.
 Yes. Yes, you may flail and pet their heads at any time. ^-^ *crickets* *casually pets their heads and gives them cookies* *whispers* Also, we haven’t put thought of what rank Liza’s “dad” is so that’s why it says (rank), and also this was going to be a historical retelling which is why German is in parenthesis.
Hannah (Me)- I write Wilhelm. (Will is what everyone calls him. Including me, though for this post, I basically called him Wilhelm throughout it all xP) He’s my angelic, darling precious, and seriously my favorite character I’ve everever written. Basically, he’s in the HY, but he hatttttesss it. He has the same personality type as me (INFP), and I feel really connected to his charrie and...have shed many a tears over Will cause seriously, this book is sososo feelsy.
 In the first scenes\draft, he was one forth Jewish, but we’re still trying to figure out how to keep him a fourth Jewish without him getting killed so…  He’s also besties with Lizzaaaa too. Oh, and did I mention he has really, really bad vision. *beams angelically*

(This snippet is from Book Two, but it’s one of my favorite scenes with Liza and Will so I’m doing it. This was after a failed counseling session with da preciouses, Stefan and Liza, because after the war in the first draft, Liza was a counselor human.)
So yes, this is my post. *coughs and nervously glances around* So...I guess this is goodbye? I hope you guys have a fabulous rest of the week! May you get straight As, write and read fabulous things, and always have much coffee. *beams and goes poof*
  So, yas! I’d love to hear you guys’ thoughts on the snippets and characters. What’s your currect WIP? Do you have any snippets you could share??? I’d love to read them!


  1. HEYO! AH this looks awesome. And it's so cool that y'all are writing it together xD I just started working on a sci Fi novel with a super soldier, ballet, steel giants, and other weird sci did things. I've always wanted to write a WW2 novel BUT RESEARCH AHHHH. there's so much.

    1. o.o dat sounds amazing!!

      *nod nods* it does have a lot of research, but since we all three are doing it, we split it up so it's not as much for just one person. ^-^ It's really fun so far, but so like O.O at how messed up it was.

  2. *sees the word 'Nazi' in the title* *clicks over to read the post as fast as possible* OHMYGOODNESS THIS SOUNDS SO AMAZING!!! The WWII time period is my favorite to read and write, and this just --- like --- I WANT TO READ IT NOWWWW! Seriously, though, this sounds really awesome! The snippets were absolutely amazing! I so loved the first one!! My current WIP is a WWII novel that is actually the 2nd in a series I'm working on ;) Lots of sadness and poor, broken characters *nods* *sniffs*

    1. *shriekles* TANK O TANK O WE LURVES IT *STROKES IT*

      Ohohoohohohohoh, what's it calllled??? I looked at your first book and it looks reaaaaally interesting!!!

  3. Ack, y'all are torturing me!! I keep hearing wonderful-amazing things about this project. ^_^ Also, don't know if you've changed this, or I'm just not very observant, but your blog is so prrettyyyy. <3

    1. *shrieks happily* it's beautiful* flails* well at least the times I'm not sobbing over it, it's beautiful. :P