Saturday, March 18, 2017

Emotions and Music While Writing

  Emotions are so very important in writing. If you don’t have the right feeling, or strong enough feelings in a can ruin it. So how do I get in the right feeling for a scene, or story? Well, my friends, this today is what I’m talking about today.

   As I said in my previous post, my character for my Camp NaNo Story, Ross, manipulates emotions. This especially means I have to have strong emotions for the story. So I am definitely preparing for this.

   As an INFP, and really myself being me, I am very emotional. I can normally get into the character or feeling rather simply, but what do I do when I just don’t feel it? Use Music. Music is so important to me while writing. It definitely sets the mood for me, and also makes me zone deeper in the writing process. When I got more into writing, I made emotions playlist. Some of you who follow me on Spotify might have seen this. But I have a sort of codeish to my playlists. Here, let me explain. 

  “Writing: Explosions” - this playlist helps me get into a more dark of haunting or powerful mood. I typically listen to this one only when writing villains. It really helps. I didn’t want to put “Darkness” on the playlist title. It wasn’t all songs that were dark. So I put the first word that came to mind…:P

 “Writing: Hope” - Okay, this one I admit I don’t listen to much. It has fourteen songs, and normally when I write hopeful, or along the lines of that, scenes, I will listen my typical month playlist, or my specific Praise and Worship songs. But if I do...I take a deep breath and really just listen to the song, then start writing, drawing motivation from the song.

 “Writing: Luuuurve” - Of course, this one is basically self explanatory. If I’m writing a ship scene, I’ll listen to this one. Actually I listen to this one a lot even if not writing. It makes me happy ^-^

   “Writing: Powerful” - Again, this goes along with Explosions. Though this one I parallel with my heroes too. Not keeping it with villains. Such as, whereas Explosions I save for the villains of my stories, this one I more save for my heroes. “Unstoppable” by the Score inspired this one because it made me feel powerful and in charge when listening to it. Like I could take on anything. I wanted a playlist that made me feel that ways, hence this one.

  “Writing: Sad\Depressing” - Ack, I love this playlist. It seems twisted I love it so much. All the feels that come along with it. Not to mention, almost every song has a story and a character that fits it from either books I’ve read, or books I’ve written. So basically, I put the songs that are just some of the saddest or most...just depressing. (If you need a quick burst of sadness, I would recommend “Why Would You Leave Us” by NF. The first time I heard it...I had to fight hard not to cry.)

 “Writing: Wilted Roses” - This one is connected to Luuuurve. Basically, I didn’t want all the sad love songs on Luuurve, cause...I didn’t wanted sadness twisting in with my happy, cheesy ship scenes. xP So, I created this one to move all of them. I haven’t moved all of them from Luuuurve yet, so...You may find sad\breakup songs in Luuuurve and not in this one.

 Those are the emotions playlists I have created so far. I wish to create some more, but I haven’t yet for I have far too many playlists right now. Though These are quite effective for me.

   Now. I know that a lot of people make story playlists when they write. I did when I first got Spotify and was writing, but eventually stopped. Why? I put every song that reminded me of my story on. Eventually all the emotions got mixed up. I would have Mansion by NF (a more sad song) and all the sudden, a sweet love song would play. I didn’t want this because it was constantly drawing me out of the current mood.

   After a while, I did pick it back up again. There was songs I had that I wanted on a playlist specifically dedicated to the feel of the story, theme, or feel. (Such as a superhero story is of course going to have quite a bit of songs about power, sides, heroes and villains, probably Superman, darkness.) I don’t really listen to story specific playlists as much, but I still love having it. (I’m a playlist hoarder, yes.)

   ANNNNND I HAVE BEEN LISTENING TO SILVER AND GOLD’S PLAYLIST ALL DAY ^-^ Sooo, *coughs and slips playlist here* *sneakily points to gold and grey\black cover* It bootiful peoples. I lurve it. (Silver and Gold playlist)

    So what do you all think? Do you have emotion playlists, or Story Playlists, or both??? How do you get into the mood while writing? What do you think of the playlists above?


  1. Yasss! You is so good at music.

  2. We listen to some of the same stuff!

    You're talented with da playlists.

    1. Ah, yaaaas! KINDRED SPIRITS! It's fab finding people with similar music tastes!

      ^-^ Awwww, thank yooooou! *beams proudly and pets them fondly*