Friday, September 2, 2016

Rainland by Sarah Allerding

                                                Author: Sarah Allerding
                                                Title: Rainland
                                                Series: --
                                                Genre: Fantasy
                                                Audience: Childrens

  When Thomas gets caught in a summer storm, he is sucked into the world of raindrops through a tornado. He learns he will not be allowed to return until he can defeat the lightning, which has been hurling raindrops from the clouds. Many adventures await him in this strange land. Is everything just as the raindrops say it will be? Is it the lightning they need to defend themselves against, or is there a much greater foe behind the disturbing disappearances?

                                                                   My Review
                                                              Rating: Four Stars
Okay, this book was so cute. The characters, the story, it was super charming.  Especially Drip, he was adorable. I loved his vigor for preparing food for Thomas. xD  
  The writing was done very well too. Though you would think a world where raindrops walk and talk could get confusing, it wasn’t. It wasn’t expounded upon really, but it did explain a bit why they could. The lands we went to were seriously so cool too! Like, I especially liked the Flame’s land. *whispers* It is like seriously cool.
   My only problem was, how the little raindrops could cry if they themselves were water, and how they could have ice boxes when they would have had to froze some of their own to get one….. Anyways, those aren’t a big deal though so….
   Overall, it was fast paced, endearing, and a very enjoyable story. I recommend it for anyone looking for a fun, lighthearted read. I’m sure you’d enjoy this book.

 Sarah is a homeschool graduate who enjoys using her imagination to write fiction. She is working on a degree in theology and hopes to eventually work in the church. She also enjoys umpiring baseball, writing devotions and Bible studies, reading fiction, and playing the guitar.

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